Casino Site With the Best Bonuses

One of the important aspects that should be checked when choosing an online casino is the bonus it offers. Today, bonuses are offered by almost every online casino, although not all are that appealing or profitable for regular players. The bonus amount, and the wagering requirements that come attached with it, differ from one casino to another. So to really benefit from these bonuses, you need to look for casino sites with best bonus offers. Some online casino bonuses are better than the others and learning how to identify them is the key to gaining in online gambling.

Bonuses Offered By Casinos

The different types of bonuses offered by casinos include the welcome bonus, the VIP or loyalty bonus, no-deposit or free bonus and a number of other specialty bonuses.

The welcome or sign-up bonus is the most common, and perhaps the best, type of bonus that every online casino offers. This bonus is offered as a percentage of the money you deposit and can go up to a few thousands, depending on the casino you choose. The free bonus is also a welcome bonus, which is offered when you simply register with the casino site. As a signup bonus is offered only once, you should try to make the most of it.

The loyalty bonus, on the other hand, is to encourage existing players to play more games on the site. If you are a serious online casino player, and don't just visit them for recreation, you should look for casino sites with best bonus offers for their loyal members. Special bonuses offered by the casinos include game specific bonuses, refer-a-friend bonus, weekly bonuses etc.

Best Casinos Have Reasonable Wagering Requirements

Online casinos offer bonuses to attract new players and to encourage the existing ones to wager more. To ensure that, the casino sites have certain wagering requirements, which you need to fulfill before you can cash out the bonus. Usually, the wagering requirement needs the player to wager a certain amount, equivalent to a certain number of times the bonus or the bonus plus your deposit. These requirements are based on the type of bonus and the casino you choose.

Casinos with best bonuses usually have reasonable wagering requirements, which a regular casino player can easily fulfill. Instead of getting carried away by the bonus amount being offer, you should go through the wagering requirements and go ahead only if you are comfortable with them. If not, there are a number of other casinos you can choose for better bonus offers.

Choose Bonuses That Are Best For You

Not all bonus offers are suitable for all casino players. Finding a bonus that is most profitable for you is as important as finding casino sites with best bonus offers. Considering the casino games you want to play, the amount you want to deposit, your experience in online gambling, and how long you intend to stay with the casino, can help you choose the bonus offers that best suit you.

For example, if you are a skilled blackjack player, you should look for casinos offering specific bonuses for blackjack players. If you are new to the online casino scene, you could look for sites offering free bonuses, to play without any risk. In case you plan to stick to a particular site for a while, then you should see if it offers the best loyalty bonuses for existing players. But if you are thinking about bonus whoring, casinos with best signup bonuses should be good enough.

Biggest Bonuses Are Not Always Best

When you are looking for casino sites with best bonus offers, never get carried away with big figures. The biggest bonuses in the online casino industry are not necessarily the best of all. This is because casinos offering such big amounts would also have strict wagering conditions that may need you to wager significantly bigger amounts.

For example, say an online casino site offering a sign up bonus of 100%, up to $1000, on your first deposit. If you deposit $200, your bonus amount would be $200, and your bankroll would go up to $400. Even if you consider a low wagering requirement of 15X, you would have to wager a total of 15X400, which amounts to $6000, which is a lot of money.

This may be alright if you are a serious online casino player and spend a considerable amount for online gambling. But if you are an amateur and prefer smaller bets, fulfilling the wagering requirements in the stipulated time can be highly difficult. In such a case, it is best to stick to the smaller yet achievable bonuses, to try and make a profit in the long run.