Future of Online Casino Gambling

The online gambling industry is still in its nascent stages. But, even in this span of about 15 years it has come a long way. It has seen continuous growth and is now extending its reach by making use of the smartphone market to popularize mobile gambling.

After the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was passed in 2006 in the US, there was a slight hiccup and questions were raised. But the industry has recovered well from the repercussions of that Act. Here are a few aspects regarding the future of the online gambling industry.

Growth in Business

It is speculated that in the coming years, more authorities will start to have a liberal outlook towards online gambling and many of the restrictions and bans imposed today will be removed. This will help the industry in getting mainstream acceptance and it will also help in increasing the revenue. In fact, the UIGEA combined with the economic recession in recent years has had little impact on the industry. As per the reports of Ernst and Young, online gambling generated about $25 billion in global revenue in 2009.

In another report that was published by Goldman & Sachs, it was revealed that $6 billion could be earned in revenue by the US government by simply legalizing online poker. Considering this, it is highly probable that online gambling is legalized in the near future, as the US government could use any extra revenue in these tough times.

Another good thing about online casinos is that they are not hampered by language and currency barriers like land based casinos. Most of the popular online casinos support various languages including Arabic, Dutch, German, and French amongst others. Also, these casinos allow you to use most of the widely used currencies using the existing conversion rates. Considering all these things you can safely assume that business of online gambling will continue to grow through the coming years.

Changes in Games and Software

Games form an integral part of any online casino. Many people join a casino based upon the variety of games that are offered. In the future you can expect to see older games that have remained popular. However, you will also see a lot of variations and different games that will target a particular audience.

With the advancement in technology you should also see games that need a lot more player interaction. Some casinos might decide to stack up their games section with hundreds or maybe thousands of games whereas some others might decide to specialize in a few select games, in order to create a niche fan base. It is also a possibility that in the coming years, withdrawals will be made instantaneously. There would be no need for you to wait for days or weeks to get your winnings in your account.

When it comes to software used by online casinos, there is no doubt that it will continue to develop, like it has over the past decade or so. Graphics will keep on improving, providing players with a very realistic experience. In fact, it is also possible that the cartoonish avatars present today will be replaced by life like 3-D personas. Also, the players will get a lot more options in terms of control over the screen and you can also expect voice control for all your actions.

Social Impact

The amount of interaction with other players is bound to go up with the technological innovations. Sharing things will become a lot easier and players will be able to communicate with each other. This will help in turning online casinos into a place where people can socialize. The players will also be given a lot more power and it would become possible for them to create custom-made tournaments with only their friends taking part in it.

Other Changes

As of now online gambling is an unregulated industry. But it has improved a lot compared to how it began. You can expect casino regulation to get a lot more stringent, making sure that the players get better services.

Various other sectors are also interested in online gambling. Airlines such as British Airways are considering providing their passengers with a chance to indulge in online gambling on LCD screens. This can prove to be very successful, as passengers often get bored on long flights.

Online gambling has grown exponentially over the years despite facing some tough situations. It is very much possible that it will carry on with this growth in the coming years as well. Whether it is the business aspect or the gaming experience, players can expect a better deal in the coming years.