Best Keno Casino Site

A mix of bingo and lotto, keno is a casino game that is easy to learn and play. If you have played this game at a real-world casino before, you can now play it online for real-money at one of the several online casinos offering it. Playing keno in a virtual casino is no different than playing it at a live casino. In a real world casino, the numbers in keno are drawn using an automatic blower, and in an online casino, they are drawn using a random number generator, which is a software to generate random numbers automatically.

In any case, keno is a game of chance and has a really high house edge, ranging between 4% and 35%, which is why keno casino sites should be chosen carefully.

How to Select the Best Keno Casinos

Although there aren’t many exclusive keno casinos, a number of online casinos today offer this game. And if you want to keep the house edge to a minimum and make a profit playing online keno, you should choose a site that is safe and best. Here are a few aspects you should consider when choosing a keno casino site.

Reputation of Keno Casino Sites

Before playing keno, or any other game, for real money, the first thing you should consider is the reputation of the online casino. Choosing a reputed site, which has been in the industry for quite some time, is always a safer bet when compared to choosing a new or a less-known site.

A credible site ensures security and confidentiality with the help of sophisticated security systems. Before you make a deposit, check if the keno casino uses SSL encryptions to protect the financial details you share with it. Casinos that are secure usually have a seal of trust by reputed organizations like Thawte, eCogra etc, and ensure that your details, personal and financial, are protected.

Keno Bonuses and Jackpots

Keno is a casino game that is based purely on chance. As there are no specific skills or strategies you can use to ensure your win, your probability of winning this game is as good as the number of games you play. Also, the amount of money you can win depends on the payout percentage offered by the casino. To play more keno games online, you should look for casinos offering attractive bonuses that can significantly increase your bankroll.

Also, make sure you participate in keno games which have bigger prizes and are linked to progressive jackpots. Most of the keno casino sites offer daily and weekly jackpots where the prize money can go up to a few thousand dollars and progressive jackpots where it can go as high as $10,000 or more.

Online Keno Variations

Like other online casino games, online keno has a few variants like power keno, combination keno and super keno. Although the objective of the game remains the same, the rules and the payouts differ slightly among these variants. Power keno and super keno are typical keno games, except that you can win a bonus for matching the first number in super keno and the 20th number in power keno.

Combination keno, or Way keno as it is often called, is a high activity game where you have to select numbers in groups. As this keno variant provides higher odds of winning, you should look for keno casinos that offer it.

Software Used

When it comes to online keno, you must pay heed to the RNG software being used. As keno is a game of chance, your probability of winning it depends upon the genuineness of the RNG used and the measures taken by the casino to ensure this.

When selecting an online keno casino, check if it has been audited for its payouts and if it's RNG has been tested and certified for randomness. The best keno casino sites are those that ensure game fairness by having their software regularly tested and certified by independent authorities like Gaming Associates, TST etc.


To make your online keno experience as enjoyable as possible, look for keno casino sites that are easy to use. If you are choosing an online casino for this game, chances are you will have to download the software to play it. However, there may be a few sites that allow you to play simple casino games like keno, slots and bingo directly through browser, without having to download the software. Choosing such sites is not only easy, but also very convenient if you want to play only keno and not the other online casino games.