Online vs. Live Casinos

It is important for an industry to keep evolving if it wants to grow. The online gambling industry was born to cater to those people who were unable to enjoy a land based casino or wanted the convenience of gambling from their home.

Over the years, it has achieved a lot of success but the problem that has persisted with online gambling is that it does not provide the feel of a land based casino. To tackle with this issue, online gambling sites came up with the concept of live casino. Here are a few details and comparisons between live and online casinos.

What is the Difference Between Live and Online Casino?

An online casino offers you most of the games that you will find in a land based casino through your internet browser or through a software program. The games make use of computer graphics to provide you visuals similar to the games used in casinos. The level of detail varies with the gaming software that is used.

Live games are considerably different than your general online casino games. The actual game with the dealer takes place in a studio. The live video feed from the studio is available to players and they can play with the dealer. A lot of casinos also provide the feature of chatting with the dealer. The look and feel of a live casino is more or less the same with every company.

Apart from the chat feature, most casinos provide the rules of the game and the option to view the video feed in full screen. The live casino videos are broadcasted from a real casino or a studio. In some places, these live games are also broadcasted on TV.

Advantages and Drawbacks of an Online Casino

The requirements of an online casino are very minimal. You do not need a high speed internet connection, and for most of the software the computing power required is also minimal. The second great advantage you have with online casinos is that they offer a large range of games. In some casinos you can play over a hundred different games.

Not only this, most of the casino software allow you to play multiple games at the same time through multiple windows. Also, most of the online casinos operate 24/7, that means you can start the game anytime you want to. You also don't need to worry about a table being full. With a dealer and other people involved you are required to not take too much time while making your move. Time is not an issue in online games.

One of the major disadvantages of playing in an online casino is that you miss out on a lot of excitement that is there in a real casino. You are not unable to see the real action nor are you able to have a few words with the dealer. Also, a lot of players feel that the gambling sites might be cheating them by producing biased results.

Advantages and Drawbacks of a Live Casino

There are various advantages of playing at a live casino. You will get the feel of playing in a real casino. Also, in games like blackjack, you can do card counting without anyone noticing. It also gives you a chance to play with other players, making it a lot more social option. Players who feel that casino software are rigged will be satisfied with the live casino as the dealer performs all the actions live.

However, along with these advantages there are a few drawbacks as well. The speed of the games cannot be changed. It is possible that the video feed might be rigged and what you get to see is actually a recording. Also, these live games are available for a very limited number of games. Most of the casinos that offer live games restrict it to Blackjack and Roulette. They are not available 24/7, and if the table is full then you have to wait. All these problems will not bother you when playing a normal online casino game.

Deciding Amongst the Two

Choosing between the two can be a confusing task for a few of you. If you want a fast paced gambling experience then it is best that you go for a normal online casino. However, if you like the feel of a real casino and like the presence of other players so you can chat with them, then you should go with live casino games.