Best Slots Casino Site

A long row of slot machines has become synonymous with gambling. Not only land based casinos, but online casinos have also realized the mass appeal of these games. That is why almost every casino offers a lot of variety when it comes to slots games. In fact, some of the casino sites offer bonuses specifically for slots players. Here is a more detailed look at these slots casino sites.

Playing on Slots Casino Sites

It is very simple to play slots online. You need to pick a slots casino site of your choice, and then make an account. You can do this by either downloading the software and then creating your account, or going for the instant play option available. After you have created your account and made your first deposit, you can play whichever slots game you like. To have the best chance of winning, you should also utilize the welcome bonus and slots bonus (if any), and use the bonus amount for your spins. It is very important that you choose the games with caution as different slots games have a different payout structure and as a result require a different strategy.

Best Slots Casino Site in 2013

Slots CapitalAs we enter a new year, we are faced with new possibilities with various slots games and the bonuses to make them more appealing. Slots Capital is the best slots casino right now due to the impressive collection of titles that is constantly updated with new games provided by Rival. It basically offers gaming options for every type of gambler.

There are Classic games available that follow the easy-to-use 1-line style which started the trend and are still some of the most popular titles on the internet. i-Slots on the other hand offer a different online casino experience which uses advanced graphics and animations to make the games more enjoyable; the multiple pay lines makes them incredibly exciting. Of course, probably the most popular slots category on the top online casinos is the one with progressive jackpots. Slots Capital features four of the biggest ones, including the famous Money Magic with a jackpot of over $120,000 on average.

We touched on the subject that the bonuses can be just as important as the games since they offer a way for customers to play more and thus have a better shot at winning the big prizes. Slots Capital is offering new users up to $2,777 for free that can be used to play slots online as well as a $7 no deposit bonus to get things started.

Types of Games on Slots Casino Sites

There are a number of variants of slots on slots casino sites. Here are some of the most widely played online slots games.

Slots Casino Site3-reel slots: These slots are the classic version presented to you in a computerized format. The rules are pretty simple. Every game under the 3 reel slots category has 3 wheels and usually has one pay line. To start playing, you use the money from your account to get the coins, and then insert the number of coins you want to and then click on the spin button. The Random Number Generator (RNG) decides the final outcome based upon the symbols that come up on the pay line.

Multi-line slots: Multi-line slots usually have more than 3 wheels. They also have more pay lines. The pay line can be horizontal vertical or diagonal. Often players think that having more pay lines will result in more winnings which is not always true. The number of pay lines can go up to as high as 20.

Progressive slots: These are perhaps the most popular slots games online. A lot of online casinos are a part of the same network. So whenever a player spins the wheel of a progressive slot in any of these casinos, then the amount is added to the jackpot. These slots can be 3 wheeled or mufti lined. The jackpots for progressive slots have known to cross over a million dollars at times.

Advantages of Playing on Slots Casino Sites

Playing on slots casino sites has a lot of advantages compared to playing at a land based casino.

Choosing the Right Slots Casino Site

With so many slots casino sites out there, it can be quite confusing for a player to figure out which casino to opt for. To simplify this process always remember that the variety of slots offered is very important. If the variants are limited then you might get bored pretty quickly. Also, another factor of paramount importance is the bonus which is offered. While playing slots you may encounter a losing streak as well. A good bonus is important to make sure that it does not hamper your play. Make sure that you go with a site that has a large bonus and wagering requirements that are not very tough to complete.

Slots is one of the most popular casino games, and with the advent of online casinos it has become a lot simpler to enjoy these games without going to a real casino.